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The Cancer Hospital Londrina

The Cancer Hospital of Londrina is a philanthropic institution located in the north of Paraná that ranks among the best oncologists in the state and in the country. They have an infrastructure that serves patients from more than 220 cities in the state of Paraná, in addition to other states and even countries.


In our first event we donated 20,000 disposable masks to the Cancer Hospital of Londrina, which corresponds to 20 days of the hospital's needs. And we also took the Coronassaurus to visit the children at the hospital.




The NGO Viver is a charitable program that welcomes and supports children and their families suffering from cancer, with love and dedication.


Viver provides monthly assistance to 180 children and teenagers and their families, with food services, lodging, dental, nutritional, psychological and recreational activities, among others.


All the work developed by Viver is non-profit. Therefore, it operates under the strength of its volunteers and supporters, among individuals and companies in Londrina and the region


Alphasonic x We Care Covid

Alphasonic, an examination and image clinic, together with We Care, held a charitable event on July 11, 2020 on behalf of Hospital Universitário de Londrina and the Parish of São Vicente de Paulo.

We collected 14,000 masks and 60 basic baskets.

Our event was a Drive-Thru where people brought a basic basket and got a 50% discount on the Covid serological test, the first 30 people received the test!

Hospital Evangélico de Londrina 

  A We Care juntamente com a sua empresa parceira, GMTEX, realizaram sua última doação de máscaras para os hospitais da cidade. Foram doadas ao todo 200.000 máscaras para o Hospital Evangélico. 

Nós, da We Care, gostaríamos de agradecer a população de Londrina que contribuiu com o nosso projeto e se sensibilizou à esta causa.

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