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On this page, we will show all the reports, magazines, blogs and TV programs that publicized our Social Project We Care on the internet.

Visit to the City Hall of Londrina

Accompanied by Alphasonic's partners, Gilberto Otta and Marcus Nunes, and the Councilmen Jairo Tamura, Felipe and Georgia visited the City of Londrina and presented We Care to Mayor Marcelo Belinati, who praised the project and sponsored himself.

Ver Mais Londrina - RIC 

We were invited to participate in Fer's TV program through a skype meeting.


Content_, an integrated solutions agency, wrote a report in their magazine about our digital platform.

Chat with Councilman

When we presented our project to Londrina's mayor, we were accompanied by councilman Jairo Tamura and we talked about the situation that Londrina is going through.

Thiago Nassif

Folha de Londrina's journalist, Thiago Nassif, was one of the first supporters and disclosers of the We Care Project.

Folha de Londrina

I Londrina's journalist, Thiago Nassif, wrote two reports on our We Care Project in the most prestigious newspaper in the city.

In the first report, Nassif presents the project and mentions the donation of 20,000 masks to the Cancer Hospital.

 The second one talks about the We Care event together with the new imaging laboratory, Alphasonic.

 Guest Program

The presenter, Gustavo Godoy, invited us to talk about our platform on his TV show.

On your right, you can watch a brief video of the program that went live.

We Care x Alphasonic

    Veja um pouco mais sobre as ações feitas na Alphasonic. Nós arrecadamos 20.000 máscaras as para o Hospital Universitário de Londrina e mais de 60 cestas básicas para a Paróquia São Vicente de Paulo.

Tarobá City

We were invited to the Tarobá Cidade program, presented by Sara Presoto, to publicize our We Care Platform and our event in partnership with Alphasonic.

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